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Celebrity, Melodrama And National Politics Are Deeply Entangled

Celebrity, Melodrama And National Politics Are Deeply Entangled

Since Rodrigo Duterte became president in 2016. The international media has been very interest in Philippine politics. His controversial character and apparent disregard for protocol have attracted much more attention than usual to the country.

A serious examination of the role of celebrity and media in Philippine politics and Duterte’s. Success is necessary to better understand the country’s political system.

Duterte is the beneficiary of a political climate where policies and processes are less effective. Electorally than the glamour of showbusiness and personal charisma.

Celebrity Factor

Duterte is the latest in a long list of macho politicians who evoke cinematic style. This has been a successful formula in the Philippines since Ferdinand Marcos and Imelda. A glamorous couple with a film star look and flashy performances, rose to power in the 1960s.

Duterte’s reputation for being a tough-talking man, who doesn’t take hostages. Echos the imagery and language used by Hollywood and Philippine action movie heroes. His nicknames are The Punisher, and Duterte Harry.

Not only do Filipino politicians mimic the celebrity look to get votes. But it’s also not a matter of them adopting celebrities’ looks. Many times, they were already celebrities before becoming politicians.

Many actors, singers, comedians, and news anchors win political office in the United States. 44 celebrities from the show business ran for national or local office in the 2016 elections.

Celebrities are often the only candidate who can create enough momentum in a political landscape. That still dominate by dynastic family dynasties many of which control entire provinces or whole regions.

Manny Pacquiao is the current Philippine senator. He is a world champion boxer and recently reclaimed his title belt at welterweight in Las Vegas. While taking a break from his senatorial duties. Vicente Tito Sotto III is a senator. He is one of the most prominent stars in the country and has hosted a noontime variety show. That receives high ratings for over 30 years.

Investigations And Politics Scandals

Instead of entertaining viewers at sporting events or comedy shows, senators Sotto & Pacquiao were seen on TV screens throughout the country in 2016 cross-examinating witnesses in a televised investigation into the murder of a mayor held in his cell. Many Filipinos were captivated by the daily proceedings, which resembled a courtroom drama.

For many weeks, Senator Leila De Lima’s private life, which is rare among opposition voices against Duterte was subject to intense discussion in congress and in the senate. There, investigations were underway into the drug trade as well as corruption in prisons.

De Lima was previously the Secretary of Justice. She was accused of leading a drug trade through prisons using the help of her driver

After much evasion and complications, the driver was call to testify at the house hearings and the senate hearings. He claimed that he had received bribes for his work from drug dealers. De Lima and her defenders insist that such claims are fabricate.

Dramatic testimony also given by Kerwin Espinosa (an arrest drug lord) who want to atone in the death of his father. He testified against corrupt officials and the charismatic National Chief Of Police.

The close ally of Duterte, The Rock is the nickname for the police chief. He was move to tears when he spoke to the senator after hearing testimony about corrupt police officers.

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